The foundation for home technology

Designed to meet the demands of today's homes. A Wifi network designed and installed by Integraltronics will eliminate dead spots, increase speeds, and keep everything secure.

With a properly installed WIFI network in your home, you can rest assured that you'll have connectivity when and where you need it.

Goodbye dead spots

Wifi dead spots are caused by physical barriers in your house, like walls, along with the distance between your router and the area you want to get signal. Even the material of the building impact signal strength of Wifi. When we design your home network, we may recommend adding Wireless Access Points. Discretely located throughout your home, these access points will provide the additional WIFI signal strength your home needs.

WIFI with bandwidth to spare

Nearly everything in your home works on WIFI. Your new television, Pandora© and Spotify©, even your thermostats rely on a strong network to function properly. The demands on your network are increasing everyday. We'll make sure the world is at your fingertips with bandwidth to spare.
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