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When Music Sounds Better, You Listen More

In-Ceiling, In-Wall, floor-standing... speaker choices today are nearly limitless. We can help you design a whole-house audio system that will fit your budget and your lifestyle.
We'll help you choose speakers and a system that's perfectly matched to your lifestyle, taste in music, and your budget.
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Set The Mood With Music

Having a birthday party? Dinner party? Or maybe just relaxing on a Sunday morning. We'll make listening to music in your home as easy as a tap on your smartphone.

Add music to your smart home system and do it all from a single app. Turn on your favorite song, lock the door, or turn down the lights, with the touch of a single button.

Outdoor Speakers Make Summer better

Take your entertainment system to new heights with a personalized backyard oasis designed and installed by Integraltroincs. From outdoor speakers and televisions, to wifi and lighting, we'll help you design the outdoor entertainment area you've always dreamed of.
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Soundscape Your Landscape

Landscape speakers have changed the way we listen to music outside. Rather than blasting sound from inside your home or a portable speaker, landscape speakers are designed to evenly disperse full-range sound and disappear into the environment.