Smart Homes

Smart homes have been around for over 20 years. Why are they becoming so incredibly popular now? The answer is, the internet.

As our ability to stay connected using things like smartphones, it's only natural they connect us to our smart homes whenever we're away.

Today, homeowners check in on their kids, get alerts when the alarm is disarmed, change the temperature, turn off lights, even unlock doors using their mobile devices from across the room or across the globe. That's Smart home technology and it's never been easier to get started.



Home Audio

The crackle of your failing FM Antenna is gone. We stream our music now, but you need a robust WIFI network to do it. Listen to Pandora©, Spotify© and Apple Music© with ease. Listen to your favorite songs in any room or every room. Now you can, and you can control it all from your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. Listening to music has never been easier.


Home Theaters

Surround sound systems, home theaters, whatever you call them they're the best way to watch your favorite movies and shows.

Integraltronics installs home theaters of any size. Whether you'd like better sound in your living room or a dedicated home theater with the latest Dolby Atmos© technology, we have the experience and the "know-how" to get it done.


WIFI Networks

We wouldn’t be Home Automation experts without knowing a thing or two about networking and WIFI. Nearly every electronic device we own can access the internet, stream music and movies, check email…you get the point. A robust network is a must for any Smart home. We are networking experts. Need us to install or re-design your network? We’ll boost your wifi signal, so you can work, stream, and play.

Security Cameras

Remotely view your cameras via the web, smartphone or tablet to see what's happening at home. View a single camera or multiple cameras at the same time from anywhere in the world.

Check in on the kids as they arrive home from school. Even playback events that you might have missed.