Some Of The Places We Work

We help customers around Minnesota be more productive, more engaged, and more profitable. Ask us how we can help your business.

  • Houses of worship
  • Offices, retail stores
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, Bars
  • Health care
  • Government
  • Factory/ manufacturing
  • Wedding and Event centers

Conference Room Technology

Technology enhances every meeting and presentation, but sometimes getting everything to work properly is problematic. That's where we come in. We solve these problems everyday.

Dim the lights for a presentation, lower the screen and power on your video conferencing system, with the press of one button. Incorporate video conference call capabilities to include off-site employees and manage it from one easy-to-use interface.

Minding Your Business.

Integraltronics helps businesses across Minnesota protect their assets and employees with our customized security camera solutions. We specialize in providing all of your security camera needs easily and efficiently. We'll make sure you have everything you need to protect your business.

Smart Lighting And More

Managing 30 TVs on different channels in a sports bar or restaurant doesn't need to be complicated. Integraltronics makes it easy for your team to control the televisions, the sound system, even the lights.

Play HD video from a variety of sources on multiple TVs, and control them all from one simple interface. Automate lighting and climate control systems to save energy.
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Digital Signage

Easy to use software allows you to create, publish and manage digital signage presentations that run flawlessly. Create the experience your customers crave with a digital signage solution designed and installed by Integraltronics of Minnesota.

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